Starting therapy is a big decision.  You may be going through a crisis and are seeking help with this.  Or it may be that day to day life feels especially challenging and even unbearable. If your life feels overwhelming and difficult, or you feel there should be more to life, I can support you.
I am a psychotherapist in the final stages of training for a Masters in Psychotherapy.  I am also a New Zealander who used to work in financial services and had a short dabble in the wine industry.  I am now settled in Bath, UK and doing what I love - helping people to grow, become more resilient and live a more fulfilling life.
If you would like to find out more about how I work go to What is Psychotherapy?
I am currently working face to face and online.  My face to face sessions are held in my consulting room in central Bath where I have completed a rigorous Covid risk assessment.  For online sessions, I use Zoom.