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People seek therapy for many different reasons.  You may be going through a crisis or perhaps day to day life feels really challenging.  Maybe there isn't a specific issue, but you're feeling empty or have a lack of direction in your life.  I offer a space where we can sit down together and explore what's happening for you and why.  It is a space where you can feel acknowledged, listened to and supported.  It's a space where you can to try and make sense of your life and who you really are.  I believe this space helps open up the possibility of living life with more ease and fulfillment. 

I am a humanistic and integrative psychotherapist.  I am also at trainer at the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling.  Before training in psychotherapy I worked in financial services and had a short stint in the wine industry.  I was born and grew up in New Zealand, but my adult years have been spent moving between there and the UK.  I am now settled in the UK (in Bath) and doing what I love - helping people to make more sense of their lives and become more resilient.

Psychotherapy can help with a broad range of difficulties and issues.  The most common areas I see people for are:

  • Depression & mood swings

  • Stress, anxiety & overwhelm

  • Anger & irritability

  • Dealing with history of trauma or abuse

  • Family conflicts & issues

  • Eco-anxiety & eco-grief including fear and despair about the climate & ecological crisis

  • Work related issues – career anxiety, lack of direction & career transitions

  • Lack of confidence & low self worth

  • Relationship issues

  • Feelings of meaninglessness or emptiness 

  • Grief & loss – bereavement or relationship break up

  • Relocation - living away from ‘home’

  • Cultural conflicts – sense of identity, feelings of belonging & freedom

  • Pressures of parenting or caring for older parents

I am currently working face to face and online.  My face to face sessions are held in my consulting room in central Bath.  For online sessions, I use Zoom.

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