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Psychotherapy is often described as a talking therapy for emotional problems and mental health issues.  But what does that really mean?  Why might I choose to see a psychotherapist? 


I believe we all have difficulties - it's part of being human - and sometimes we need some professional help to work through these.  Our difficulties can be related to a crisis or family problems, sometimes they are related to past issues and unconscious processes.  At other times, general day to day life can just feel hard or we may have an underlying feeling that there should be more to life.  Psychotherapy offers you a chance to explore your thoughts and feelings and the effect they have on your behaviour and mood.  It gives you an opportunity to find out more about yourself and this opens up the possibility for change.  

Starting therapy is a big decision and one of the most important aspects is finding a therapist that is a good 'fit'.  To give you a better idea about how I work, I've made a list of what is important to me.

Psychotherapy for me is:

  • Talking to someone who is professionally trained.  A friend is great, but they often interrupt and try to fix your problems.

  • Learning about yourself.  In therapy jargon 'self awareness'.

  • Helping to make meaning of your experiences, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

  • Examining your long held beliefs, values and assumptions.

  • Learning new skills to help you deal with the challenges that arise in life.

  • Expanding your concept of what is normal.

  • Becoming a more authentic version of yourself.

​Psychotherapy for me is not:​

  • Me not saying anything.  Therapy will be an interaction between us and we will build a relationship together based on trust. 

  • Telling you what to do.  I am not a coach, but I will help you to find answers.  You will be fully involved in every step of the therapy process.

  • Me continually asking "how do you feel about that?"

  • Reading your mind.  I don't have super powers, I'm just a normal human being like you who happens to be trained to help you to make new meanings and understand yourself more.

  • About fixing you.  You may feel overwhelmed and defeated, but you are not broken.

  • All about your childhood.  We might talk about your childhood if it's relevant, but it will be far from the only thing we talk about.

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